National Improvement Framework: Consultation on measuring the attainment gap and milestones towards closing it

Closes 20 Nov 2017

Opened 4 Oct 2017


The Scottish Government has been clear about its commitment to closing the poverty-related attainment gap between children and young people from the least and most disadvantaged communities. Ministers are committed to making demonstrable progress in closing the gap during the lifetime of this Parliament, and to substantially eliminate it in the next decade. We have undertaken to consult on proposals for measuring the gap and milestones towards closing it, and to publish our proposals as part of the 2018 Improvement Plan in December.

Why We Are Consulting

Measuring the attainment gap is a complex issue. We need to ensure that the measures we choose and the milestones towards closing the gap are appropriate, will provide a clear picture of progress across the education system and will not introduce any perverse incentives which could impact on behaviour. We are therefore seeking the views of practitioners and other professionals to ensure the measures we choose are the right ones.

Download the consultation paper.

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