Consultation on funding of The Scottish Energy Performance Certificate Register.

Closes 19 Jun 2017

Opened 8 May 2017


The purpose of this consultation is to update stakeholders on the current status of the Scottish Energy Performance Certificate Register (SEPCR), to advise on pending action to amend the statutory fees payable on lodgement of energy performance data and to seek views on the manner in which the register is funded.

Why We Are Consulting

A public consultation undertaken in November 2011 asked for views on the introduction of a fee for the lodgement of each energy performance certificate (EPC) to the central electronic registry. Responses to the consultation were supportive of the proposal and fees were introduced on 1 October 2012.

In responding to the original consultation, The Scottish Government provided a commitment that any further review of fees and funding would not be undertaken for a period of at least three years and would be notified via public consultation.

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